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Welcome to Waves Swim Academy

WAVES SWIM ACADEMY,  swimming pool in line with FINA technical specifications for a Short Course pool, offers diverse swimming facilities and courses aimed at a cross section of residents including children, adults, ladies, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The programmes on offer include competitive swimming classes, recreational swimming, advanced swim training, lap swimming, therapeutic swimming for patients advised to undergo water therapy, aided swim sessions for children / adults with disabilities such as autism or down’s syndrome and masters swimming. Residents can also enroll themselves as regular members for specific periods on a renewable basis and they will be allotted separate lanes.

About us

Our Programs

Waves Swim Academy, a swimming facility started on 26th jan 2015 with a stated objective of training competitive swimmers to excel at the national and international level, has taken giant strides within a short span of time during which...

Water Testing

Our pool uses salt instead of chlorine. The benefits of using salt include:

  • No dangerous chemicals
  • Less skin and eye irritation
  • More gentle on bathing suits
  • Softer on skin and less drying than from chlorine
  • Better for the environment and better for our members!
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Our Team

  • Energetic, caring and talented people dedicated to the success and safety of every student
  • Fun and challenging swim classes in an encouraging atmosphere
  • Small classes and individual attention from instructors
  • High quality aquatic programming
  • Hands-on teaching methods regardless of skill level
  • Warm pools for a more comfortable learning environment
  • Observation areas for parents to cheer on their children
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